Buried under the loot box fiasco, Star Cards, and a grindy progression system is a decent Star Wars game. EA is uncovering a little bit more of the good in Battlefront 2 today with changes to the amount of credits and crafting parts you earn. Today, EA penned a blog post outlining three major changes coming to the rewards system.

First, the amount of credits earned after a match has increased. Folks on Reddit and elsewhere say the amount has pretty much doubled. That 250-300 credits you were earning per match should now be closer to 600+.

Second, the credit cap in Arcade mode is being tripled to 1,500 credits. The Battlefront 2 devs are also looking into adding more content in the Arcade mode as part of their post-launch DLC plans.

Third, daily log-in crates will now give more crafting parts. I just jumped on and received 15 crafting parts. Before, it was five. Battlefront 2’s progression system (via crafting/upgrading cards using crafting parts) is still a grindy mess, but it’s a little less so now. The problem is how many crafting parts you need to upgrade to the highest tiers. Upgrading from blue to purple costs 480 crafting parts. A boost in rewards is good, but a decrease in cost is also sorely needed.

Single-player DLC also coming

I must have missed this in the lead-up to Battlefront 2’s release. If you’re wondering why the game’s story ended so abruptly, today we have an answer. EA writes:

“And, of course, Iden Versio returns in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Resurrection during the days of the First Order’s rise to power. These new chapters of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II’s single-player story mode will be available December 13.”

Based on that comment, we know there will be more than one new mission. And judging by its release date, the story will tie in somehow with The Last Jedi. At the very least, there are story elements Disney didn’t want spoiled until the movie was in theaters.

Multiplayer content is also inbound on December 13 with Finn and Captain Phasma joining the Heroes and Villains. Galactic Assault gets a new planet, Crait. That’s the salt-covered world with splashes of red we’ve seen in all the trailers for The Last Jedi. The former Resistance Headquarters of D’Qar is coming to Starfighter Assault.

EA promises much more content is coming to Battlefront 2. Today is the first step in improving the game’s progression. Scrapping it altogether would be better, but that’s not happening.

Reducing the cost of upgrading Star Cards needs to happen. They’re way too expensive, and you’re still hoping for a lucky roll on loot boxes to get better cards. Loot boxes should never directly tie into a game’s progression system. If it feels like you need loot boxes, then something is wrong with the game design. Period.

Cut the costs of crafting in half. Boost the amount of crafting parts you can earn. And push cosmetics in loot crates. That doesn’t mean purple Darth Vader, either. Give us Darth Vader without a helmet. Or Luke Skywalker with his robotic hand exposed. Or Boba Fett after the Sarlacc snacked on him. There are plenty of ways to offer cosmetics without tossing a color wheel on everything.

We’ll see what EA does moving forward. Today was a good start. But it was just that, a start.

Featured image: Wikipedia/DarthNP

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