Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t a one developer show. Three developers are coming together to work their magic. Each with a unique strength. For Criterion Games, that’s vehicles. The team behind Burnout and Need for Speed is bringing their vehicle expertise to a galaxy far, far away. And a new multiplayer mode will put a spotlight on their work.

Today, EA detailed what we all will play when the Battlefront 2’s beta hits in early October. The beta gets underway on October 4 for those of you who pre-order. October 6 for everyone else. The beta runs through October 9.

We saw plenty of gameplay out of E3 of the Assault on Naboo. Now, we all can grab a blaster as a Separatist droid or Republic Clone on the streets of Theed. But it’s the new Starfighter Assault mode that grabbed my attention.

Details are slim at the moment, but EA plans to show off the mode at Gamescom. EA’s Community Manager Jared Petty describes the mode as an “objective-based, multi-stage battle” that will have us piloting a variety of iconic Star Wars ships.

The multi-stage battle remark makes me think of Battle Station from Battlefront 1’s Death Star DLC. This mode had three phases. Take out a Star Destroyer (space battle). Board the Death Star and rescue R2-D2 (ground battle). And take out the Death Star (space battle). Check out a full match to see how it plays out.

The folks working on Battlefront 2 must be confident about the vehicle controls to seemingly dedicate an entire multiplayer mode to it. I want the developers to go all out. Let us control Imperial Star Destroyers and Rebel cruisers. Have one or two players on each side controlling the ships while the rest try to defend and take them out. Or, maybe controllable frigates/corvettes instead.

DICE, Motive, and Criterion appear to be addressing many of the concerns fans had from the first Battlefront. Mainly, the lack of content and depth to the gameplay. DICE proved in the first game they can nail the sights and sounds of Star Wars. Now, we just need the gameplay to step up.

We’ll get our first hints if the teams deliver at Gamescom and when the beta hits in October.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming on November 17. As is usually the case, the beta is more of a marketing tool, but it’ll also help test servers and gameplay balance.

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