What a year it’s going to be for Star Wars fans. We get a new movie and a new Star Wars Battlefront game. EA announced today that Star Wars Battlefront will be making an appearance at the Star Wars Celebration next month in Anaheim, CA. The Star Wars Celebration starts on April 16th and lasts until April 19th.

A blog post on EA.com reads, “We could not think of a better or more appropriate place to debut the game officially for the first time than the premier event that celebrates the Star Wars universe and the legions of fans who have fallen in love with it.”

What We Know About Stars Wars Battlefront So Far

At last year’s E3, EA announced Star Wars Battlefront. We get a few brief glimpses of early in-engine footage in the announcement video below.

Now, we all know what that means. There’s a good chance Star Wars Battlefront will look nothing like this. After playing Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One, I’m not expecting much. I like Hardline, but it doesn’t look good at all.

Rumor Mill

As for rumors, Making Star Wars posted a big rumor post back in February. Their source says Star Wars Battlefront’s campaign will span the entire Star Wars saga. And, you will be playing characters that appear in The Force Awakens.

As for multiplayer, 64 player matches are in. Space to land battles are also coming. But, will only be available in certain game modes according to Making Star Wars. There’s also going to be a “extremely aggressive” DLC campaign. I wouldn’t expect anything different. EA has been aggressive on this front with Battlefield premium for a while now.

You can check out all the rumors over at MakingStarWars.net. We’ll know if some of these are true next month.

What’s one feature you want to see in Star Wars Battlefront? I just want to see something that blows me away. Whether it’s graphics or the space to land battles mentioned in the rumor post. Oh, and let it work on launch day. That will blow all of us away.


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