The trench run is iconic. Now imagine playing that with the graphics of Frostbite engine and the sounds DICE are known for. Star Wars Battlefront fans are heading to the Death Star for the next DLC.

Hot damn Star Wars and Frostbite look good together! In September, fans will fight inside the Death Star and out across several new maps. The usual new weapons, star cards and vehicles are also coming. And two new heroes. We knew it was coming, but it’s great to finally see him. Chewie has arrived.

Star Wars Battlefront Chewie

For the Villain, the developers went digging through the bounty hunter collection. This time around, they found one most of us would recognize – Bossk. This ugly mutha from Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Battlefront Bossk

That wasn’t the only news for Star Wars: Battlefront. We also know the theme for the final DLC. DICE is taking their talents to the Maldives, I mean Scarif. The paradise world is where the Empire built the first Death Star. Taking out AT-ATs on a tropical beach? It’s not the Star Wars most of us are used to seeing, but it’s going to look incredible.

Jyn Erso and Director Krennic will be the heroes. Yep, I’ll be strolling it around the shallow waters of Scarif in my badass cape.

Star Wars Rogue One Director Krennic

No word on a release date for the Scarif expansion, but I imagine it’ll be somewhere around the release of Rogue One.

DICE also recently announced a much-requested feature. Offline multiplayer. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron without needing up to 39 other folks to play with.

Skirmish will offer players the ability to play across two of Star Wars Battlefront’s most popular modes on a difficulty level of your choosing. While offline, you can take to the battlefront in Walker Assault, or to the skies in Fighter Squadron. With multiple locations that span the Star Wars universe, Skirmish brings a new way to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront and there is even an option for coop split screen. (Console only)

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