DICE did a solid job with Star Wars Battlefront. But I always felt like something was missing. Something I couldn’t quite put a finger on. Now I know what it is. EA revealed more details about next month’s final expansion and in it is a brand new mode called Battle Station.

This is the definitive Star Wars mode I’ve always wanted.

Battle Station splits the action into three distinct phases. First, squadrons of X-wings and A-wings face off against TIE fighters and TIE interceptors. The Rebels are trying to take out enough TIE fighters to let their Y-wing bombers pound away at the Star Destroyer. Think Walker Assault but on a bigger scale.

Star Wars Battlefront Chewie

With the Star Destroyer out of commission, the fight moves on to the Death Star. Rebels (along with Chewie!) need to extract a priority droid from within the Death Star. Keep an eye out for the hero pickups. Chewie and Bossk are the new heroes/villains coming in next month’s DLC. And don’t you dare pick anyone but Chewie!

Once the droid is safely tucked away, the fight heads back to space. Take over as Luke Skywalker in his X-wing. Switching off the targeting computer is optional. But delivering the killing blow to the Death Star won’t be a walk in the park. Darth Vader and his TIE Advanced Fighter will be waiting.

Besides new maps and heroes, DICE is adding the usual Star Cards and weapons. The developers plan to announce more details as the September release gets closer.

Battle Station is just what Star Wars Battlefront needs

Ok, Battle Station sounds awesome. I had a blast playing Star Wars Battlefront for a few months. But I always felt like there was just something missing. I wanted the battles to feel bigger. Be bigger. I didn’t know exactly how DICE could do it until today.

On paper, Battle Station sounds like the perfect multiplayer mode. Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see – but I’m pumped. It also makes me wish DICE would take it a step further. Have every map begin in space. A couple of minute dogfight seamlessly transitions to the ground with fully pilotable ground vehicles.

I admit, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But hey, there’s always the next Battlefront.

Let me know what you think about the new Battle Station mode.

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