Jabba the Hutt is coming to Star Wars: Battlefront. Unfortunately, we won’t see his giant slithering mass taking on Han Solo. Come on DICE, no chain-whip melee special attack? No Palace Guards?

Jabba is the centerpiece of a new feature called ‘Hutt Contracts.’ It appears Jabba will offer new weapons. The blaster pistol in the trailer is a DL-18. They were the weapon of choice for many in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars DL 18 blaster pistol

We also see what looks like a scoped variant of the DLT-19 blaster.

Hutt Contracts will be free for all Battlefront players and is not tied to the Outer Rims paid DLC coming sometime in March.

Here’s the trailer showing off Hutt Contracts and the other free content already in Battlefront.

DICE knows how to make an epic trailer.

And, the trailer shows how little of Battlefront I’ve played in the past couple of months. That Hoth map looks awesome. I thought it was a brand new one being released this month. It turns out, it was released last month. The new Endor map looks great too.

Now, when can we get the Outer Rim DLC so we can look forward to some cool heroes? Sorry Greedo and Nien, but you guys were in the movie for a grand total of about a minute. If just appearing in the movies is the only requirement, there are far more interesting characters to pick from. DICE knows the fans Lando and Chewie, just announce them already.

Are you still playing Battlefront?

I enjoyed Battlefront for what it was. An easy-to-play shooter that perfectly nails the sights and sounds of Star Wars. But, I’ve already moved on. Dying Light: The Following, Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division and countless others vie for my attention. I plan on giving the new maps a whirl, but I doubt I jump back on for any lengthy period of time.

Are you still playing Battlefront? Or, have you moved on to other games that have come out in the past few months?

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