The icy trenches of Hoth and the hellish landscapes of Sullust take a back seat to the tropical world of Scarif. Star Wars Battlefront’s tie-in to Rogue One is almost here. On December 6th, Imperials and Rebels will duke it out as AT-ATs crunch forests of palm trees beneath their robotic feet. Here’s our first look at Scarif in Battlefront. (Avoid the trailer if you don’t want potential Rogue One spoilers, though it’s nothing we haven’t seen before)

So yeah, our group of heroes travel through a shield to get to the ground. Haven’t seen that before.

The trailer looks ridiculous. DICE’s wizardry is on full display with their Frostbite engine. It looks like a similar tier-mode is coming to the next DLC. In the previous DLC pack, Battle Station mode was made up of three phases. The first of which started with a massive fight in space between X-Wings and A-Wings versus TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors. The second phase was fought on the Death Star and the final phase tasked you with destroying the massive space station.

In Scarif, we see hints of a new tier mode with the rebels gaining access through the shield protecting the planet and continuing the fight on the ground.

Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic are the new playable heroes and we see glimpses of both using their abilities. The big takeaway for me is the U-Wing. Think AT-AT, but in the sky. From the short clip we see, it looks like we don’t actually control it – but just use the guns.

Four new maps will dot the tropical jungles and beaches of Scarif. If you own the season pass, you can fight in the Rogue One battles starting December 6th. Everyone else can join the action two weeks later.

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