Thousands of gamers piled into Gamescom to get their first in-person look at Star Wars Battlefront. And they loved it. EA’s Star Wars Battlefront snatched best-of-show honors at Europe’s largest gaming expo.

At Gamescom, EA revealed Fighter Squadron, the Star Wars version of Air Superiority from the Battlefield series. The gameplay reveal was a huge hit with more than 2.6 million views on YouTube and an overwhelmingly positive reaction. I loved it. The auto-aim has me a bit concerned, but you just can’t keep the Star Wars nerd in me down.

If you’ve been on the Star Wars Battlefront website lately, you might have seen EA teasing additional multiplayer modes (via Gamesradar). We know about Fighter Squadron, Walker Assault and Blast. EA also drops the names of Supremacy, Drop Zone and Cargo. EA didn’t expand on the modes but promises more information and more modes in the months leading up to release.

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT

Screw it, let’s speculate anyways. Based off what we know and how DICE designs multiplayer, we can make some educated guesses on what these multiplayer modes are.

Supremacy seems like a good fit for a Battlefield-esque Conquest mode. DICE multiplayer ain’t DICE multiplayer without some kind of Conquest mode. Or, maybe it’s similar to Gun Game, but with a Star Wars twist.

Drop Zone could be a capture-and-hold mode ala Hardpoint from Call of Duty or King of the Hill from the Halo series.

Cargo sounds like some sort of Capture the Flag mode. And honestly what console multiplayer game doesn’t have a Capture the Flag (or whatever object) mode these days. It’s been a central mode for multiplayer since Quake and Unreal Tournament.

What EA needs to do is give us a beta already. I have full faith DICE can deliver with Battlefront. Outside of maybe Diablo 3, Battlefield 4 is my most played game on PS4 or Xbox One. Yeah, the server issues sucked, and it’s something to keep in mind when Battlefront launches – but DICE knows how to nail multiplayer gameplay.

Out of the six multiplayer modes we know about – Fighter Squadron, Walker Assault, Blast, Supremacy, Drop Zone and Cargo – which one are you most excited to play or hear more about? Me? Walker Assault. It was the first bit of Battlefront gameplay I saw, and I couldn’t stop screaming ‘that’s f**king awesome.’

We will all get our hands on Star Wars Battlefront when it releases on November 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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