Star Wars Battlefront is just around the corner, and EA is ratcheting up the hype today. They released a new video showing off the Planets of Star Wars Battlefront.

In the YouTube description, EA links to their website where you can “explore the planets.” I’m going to highlight some of the new weapons, but check out the website when you get a chance.

What’s New

If I can’t get Chewie at launch, this is the next best thing. Bowcasters are in.

bowcaster battlefront

Now Chewie better be on DICE’s DLC list, or we’re going to have problems.

The new weapons and grenades didn’t stop there.

The new Impact Grenade is self-explanatory.

impact grenade battlefront

Here’s a new long-range pulse cannon.

DTL20-A Pulse Cannon Battlefront

An RT-97C Blaster is also perfect for reaching out and killing Imperials.

RT-97c Blaster battlefront

Han’s trusty DL-44 Blaster Pistol takes care of business up-close, no matter who shoots first.

DL 44 Blaster Battlefront

Why shoot once when you can shoot five times? You’ll want to keep the action close with the 5-round burst SE-14C Blaster.

SE-14C Blaster Battlefront

Who needs optics with the T-21 Blaster.

T-21 Blaster Battlefront

Don’t expect to shoot far with the CA-87 Blaster.

CA-87 Blaster Battlefront

The Scout Pistol doesn’t look like much, but it gets the job done up close.

Scout Pistol Battlefront

The EE-3 Blaster, Boba Fett’s weapon of choice.

EE-3 Blaster Boba Fett Battlefront

Boba Fett doing his thing in Slave I.


And here’s the Millennium Falcon.


Palpatine’s corkscrew flip will never not be weird.

Palpatine flip

Here are the various Rebels and Soldiers we’ll get to choose from.











We also see most of the new modes in action (links go to each video). Star Wars Heroes and Villains duke it out in their own game mode. Jump on speeder bikes in single player & Co-op missions. Keep it simple with Blast. Play with a friend in split-screen (or online) Hero Battles. Babysit three droids in Droid Run. Play the familiar (for Battlefield fans) Supremacy mode. Or see how long you can last as Hero or Villain.

What’s different from the beta

Looks like there’s a shield on the Blaster Cannon now.


There’s a limit to how many blaster shots you can deflect with a lightsaber. If that was in the beta, let me know. I don’t remember it. Check out the reticle in the GIF below.

darth vader deflect

The UI appears to be a bit smaller. Could just be me, though. And damn does Endor look fantastic.


If you’re wondering why so many people are pumped for Star Wars Battlefront, just look around that site for a few minutes. DICE perfectly captures that Star Wars feeling. Star Wars Battlefront hits consoles and PC on November 17. Xbox One owners can play on November 12 via EA Access.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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