Star Wars fans, mark down April 10 for another Star Wars marathon. The sci-fi saga is finally moving to the digital realm, with Disney releasing the Star Wars saga as a digital download.

Never one to leave money on the table, you will be able to find the collection on streaming services such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Each will feature ‘The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection’ for purchase. All six films are included, from Episode I: The Phantom Menace to Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi.

Thanks Disney. If I wasn’t hyped enough for the ‘The Force Awakens,’ you insist on making me spend money on a collection I already have. But, it’s digital…

Each film will come prepackaged with behind-the-scenes footage and other extras.

“We’re thrilled that fans will be able to enjoy the Star Wars saga on their digital devices wherever they go,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said in a statement.

star wars digital collection

“These films broke new ground in technology, design, sound, and visual effects, and we’ve created some very special bonus material which delves into the saga’s rich history, including new and never-before-released conversations between legendary Star Wars artists — the masters who helped George [Lucas] bring his iconic universe to life,” Kennedy added.

Kathleen Kennedy is one of the producers behind J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars movie. She’s the one that will have us Star Wars fans lining the streets come December in anticipation for the December 18 release date.

Update. If you have a VUDU account, you can also download the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection. It wouldn’t be VUDU without a special offer, so here are the details:

  • Limited-time price: At $89.99 for the entire collection of six episodes, fans save $10 off the regular price when they pre-order the collection on VUDU (beginning today through April 9). We’re always committed to offering movies to customers at low prices, so that’s a great deal for any galaxy.
  • The “Force will be with you” on virtually any device: Buying the collection on VUDU means fans can enjoy the movie on more devices than other services, including in-home entertainment devices like smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Fans can enjoy the force on the go or at home, and not have to worry about the maker or operating system of their device.
  • Free $10 credit: Fans new to VUDU get $10 VUDU credit upon purchasing the entire collection.

Star Wars Celebration

For the super-fans, April 16-19 marks the Star Wars celebration in Anaheim, CA. And, this is why I dislike living in Alabama. Nothing like that happens here.

At the celebration, we will get our first look at EA’s Battlefront game coming this fall. A Star Wars trailer has already been confirmed to be attached to the Avengers movie, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see it emerge from this event.

One can hope.

What do you think? Will you buy the digital collection, or be content with the collection you already own?


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