ESPN Monday Night Football and Star Wars. No random, not-so-secret trailer unveiling. Attached to a movie? Nah. Comic-Con? Done. The Star Wars Celebration box was already checked off earlier this year.

Tonight is about the two-month juggernaut unleashing globally.

Most would argue Star Wars doesn’t need marketing. Sure, most savvy Internet readers and fans know December 17 is the day and already have the flu planned around it. Already had the flu shot? The one last year didn’t work as planned giving us the perfect excuse.

No, tonight is about Disney pulling the equivalent of a Donald Trump for the next two months. It is going to scream, make you look on with a mix of bewilderment and awe and definitely pound it into your head they are making Star Wars great again. Oh, and they are making deals for Star Wars marathons.

Why a Monday Night Football game? Giants vs. Eagles isn’t exactly must-see TV. Are they going after the Draft Kings demo? No, they don’t have to. The only person Disney and Lucas Films is targeting is everyone.

No, what the company wants is a for sure bet you won’t be fast-forwarding through your DVR. No one lets a game run for 15-minutes so they can miss the commercials. Everything is live, and they even have you waiting until half-time.

I wonder how many plays Chip Kelly will have tried to run by then?

Disney has a knack for dropping trailers into football games. The third Age of Ultron trailer? January 12 during football. Hell, last Thanksgiving, Jurassic World wanted to try the same tactic with a teaser during a Thanksgiving game.

It had to scrap those plans and release two days early when it was revealed the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser would hit on Black Friday. Hmm, shopping for $3 waffle irons or parsing 88 seconds of Star Wars footage. Settle in Chewie. We already had a waffle iron.

Tonight is one-part hype building and two parts business. Star Wars is certain to make a run at every box office record. Think of the next two months as an election season. If you are on a Disney property, it will be wall-to-wall. Pure saturation marketing.

I already have nerd chills after watching the teasers of the trailer. Yeah, I got it bad…

Disney isn’t hitting the football demo because it has to. No, you are about the witness the power of a fully operational marketing machine.


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