If you’re expecting me to be objective about Star Wars, you need to understand my level of fandom. My family has it… Alex has it… I have it… You have it… Couldn’t resist.

I actually forgot the international trailer for Star Wars had yet to drop. A lot of the times you’ll get maybe a second or two of extra footage. Lucasfilm decided a few seconds wasn’t enough. And we thank them.

First thing. It is Rey-centric. I’m torn between buying into she’s the one we will follow for the trilogy. JJ Abrams is known for misdirection, but in both trailers we see Finn in one hell of an awkward spot. He has Luke’s lightsaber but has the ‘I shouldn’t have picked this up’ look.

I’m sticking with Rey as the force sensitive. Does that mean she’s Luke’s kid? Han’s? Neither is checking the box for parent of the year considering she’s a lone scavenger on Jakku.

The trailer focuses heavily on BB-8 and Rey. We see Finn and Rey meet and ensuing attack on Jakku. The TIE fighters back-lit by the sun? Hell of a shot.

Kylo Ren is still having his solo Vader fan club meeting. He’s going to finish what he started. Need a closeup of the crossguard lightsaber? Done.

My favorite scene? Our old buddy, Chewbacca. At 1:19 he’s armed with his trusty bowcaster and a detonator. Chewie came to work that day. I know fans were dismayed the Expanded Universe was retconned, but we get Chewie because of it. That’s worth it to me.

Another favorite scene? At 1:13, we get an outside look of a Resistance X-Wing. The shot reminds me of the technique used in Interstellar to follow the Ranger. It is simply gorgeous.

star wars the force awakens international trailer

Judging by the terrain, the shot should appear when the Resistance takes on the First Order at its Starkiller base.

Other moments include multiple nods at A New Hope. Yeah, we know the parallels of the desert worlds of Jakku and Tatooine. How about the shot of General Leia inside the resistance base. Yavin 4 anyone?

And then Rey or possibly Lupita Nyong’s line. ‘Hope is not lost today. It is found.’

What was old is new again, and I love it.


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