An automated Twitter account that picks up on new PlayStation 4 games and updates just revealed a previously unannounced Star Wars game. It’s called ‘Project Maverick’ and includes key art showcasing a flight of X-Wings going after a lone Imperial Star Destroyer.

Star Wars Project Maverick

EA still has exclusive rights for making Star Wars games, and now we know what one of the next games will be. A recent Kotaku report helps us piece together a little more info. EA is said to be working on two new Star Wars games. A sequel to Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and what’s described as a “smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive.” Project Maverick falls in the latter.

There’s not much else to go on besides the keyart, which could point to a game heavy with space battles. Please let that be the case. I had fun in Starfighter Assault Mode on Battlefront II, but a game built from the ground up for space battles is what the gaming side of Star Wars is desperately missing these days. Give us back the glory days of TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, and Rogue Squadron.

Barring an Apex Legends-esque shadow drop, we probably won’t hear much more about Project Maverick until we get closer to E3. I’ll update this article if/when we hear any more info.

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