$153 million. That would be a fantastic opening weekend for any film. Star Wars: The Force Awakens pulled it in over the Christmas weekend. Its second weekend at the box office. And with it, Star Wars grabs the record for fastest to $1 billion – in just 12 days.

The previous record for fastest film to $1 billion came earlier this year with Jurassic World. What’s insane is that The Force Awakens hasn’t even released in China yet. Jurassic World pulled in more than $167 million in China on its way to $1 billion. Star Wars: The Force Awakens won’t see a China bump until it releases on January 9th.

The power of Jurassic World is insignificant to the power of The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Kylo Ren

Biggest second weekend of all-time: Sorry Jurassic World, another one of your records fell. The Force Awakens pulled in an estimated $153.5 million over the weekend. The previous record for biggest second weekend of all-time? $106 million.

Fastest to $500 million (domestically): Jurassic World did it in 17 days. The Force Awakens did it in only 10 days.

Christmas record: The Force Awakens more than doubled the previous record holder. Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes enjoyed the record for a few years with $24.6 million. The Force Awakens snagged $49.3 million domestically ($76.8 million globally).

Which records are next?

All-time domestic record: Avatar’s days atop the all-time domestic chart appear to be coming to an end. The Force Awakens has $544 million already. Next weekend’s The Hateful Eight will be the only competition.

Biggest third weekend of all-time: BoxOfficeMojo points out that if Star Wars sees a 50% drop next weekend, it will still grab the largest third weekend of all-time. I’ll be helping with a second watch. Avatar holds the record for the largest third-seventh weekends.

Third weekend: $68.5 million
Fourth weekend: $50.3 million
Fifth weekend: $42.7 million
Sixth weekend: $34.9 million
Seventh weekend: $31.2 million

Titanic dominates the eighth-twelfth weekends. Titanic also holds the record for most consecutive weekends at #1 with 15 weeks.

All-time worldwide record: I love me some Star Wars, but there’s no way. Avatar grossed an insane $2.7 billion worldwide. The Force Awakens grabbed $1 billion quicker than any other movie, but I don’t see how it can grab another $1.7 billion.

Can that worldwide record fall? Let me know in the comments. And how much of the $1 billion came from you?

Before The Force Awakens There Was

Shadow of the Empire. That was the name of the movie for a while. The news comes from Pablo Hidalgo. He’s a creative executive at Lucasfilm Story Group.

The book Hidalgo is talking about is Shadows of the Empire. Head on over to the Star Wars Wikia to read all about it. It’s not canon anymore anyways.

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