Folks who attended D23 over the weekend wouldn’t stop talking about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser Disney premiered. Countless articles talked about Rey holding a double-bladed lightsaber. Now, we can see it for ourselves. Check it out below.

Woah. Rey holding that double-bladed red lightsaber is undoubtedly awesome, but how about those shots at 1:19?

I’m a sucker for a good space battle. It’s why I love Rogue One so much. And that is a whole bunch of Star Destroyers. The stacked formation makes me wonder if we’re looking at a factory. Maybe a long lost fleet. Or, it could be a dream sequence. It’s worth noting that these are not First Order Star Destroyers, they’re Imperial Star Destroyers.

All of them have the more prominent center structure with two shield generators on top we saw in the original trilogy. Here’s the Imperial Star Destroyer.

And the First Order Star Destroyer.

It reminds me of a more menacing take of the Imperial Fleet ambushing the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi.

As for that last shot of Rey? Yeah, that has to be a dream sequence. Or maybe J.J. Abrams and crew are trying to pull a fast one. We know the Emperor is making a return, and only he rocked a hood that ridiculous looking. And we know the Force can do a lot more stuff these days. Hell, Luke projected himself across the galaxy. Yoda blasted the Jedi Temple with lightning. I could see the Emperor being able to mask his appearance to look like someone else. My money is still on a dream sequence, but it’ll be fun to speculate until December.

And that shot of Rey and Kylo fighting is too good.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Last Jedi (it was hard shaking the Luke built up in the old Expanded Universe), but I can’t wait to see what goes down in The Rise of Skywalker. Just give me some epic spaceship combat, and I’ll be content.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20.

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