After more than four decades, the main Star Wars saga is coming to an end. Lucasfilm execs and Star Wars cast were on hand to give us our first look at Star Wars: Episode IX, and with it a title: The Rise of Skywalker. Get ready for goosebumps.

Lando’s still got it with Billy Dee Williams making his triumphant return. But, J.J. Abrams dropped a truly holy-shit moment at the end with the cackling laughter of Ian McDiarmid reprising his role as Emperor Palpatine.

Congrats Lucasfilm, you just gave all the Star Wars theory YouTubers and writers content for days.

All the speculation is going to center on the title (The Rise of Skywalker), and how the Emperor shows up. As far as the title goes, the obvious take centers around Kylo. He has Skywalker blood, but it could also be a throwaway line by the Emperor or someone else. We know Luke wasn’t The Last Jedi so I wouldn’t look too much into the title.

Now, the Emperor? Who knows what J.J. Abrams is cooking up here. Again, the obvious take is a force ghost, but the Star Wars Rebels cartoon did introduce time travel. Ezra entered the Jedi Temple that opened this other plane of the force where he was able to save Ashoka during her duel with Darth Vader. An official Star Wars recap of the episode throws a wrench in this idea by saying Ezra destroyed the Jedi Temple. But maybe J.J. uses this idea to open up another part of the force we haven’t seen on the big screen.

The rest of the trailer was fantastic. I love the scene with jetpack Stormtroopers chasing C-3PO, Finn, and Poe.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the culmination of a story George Lucas started telling in 1977. Lucasfilm is trusting J.J. Abrams to wrap it up in spectacular fashion. And the first teaser trailer is a damn good start. We’ll see what the Emperor is really up to when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20.

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