Or, fix depending on your stance on the prequels.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is hitting the Internet and TV with three clips. The first is an extended TV spot we saw last week. There is some new footage here, and for those that didn’t notice last week, look closely.

When we see Leia in the command center look right beside C3PO. Who is that? Admiral Ackbar. Yeah, Lucasfilm didn’t let us down, and I’m sure the Resistance is heading for a trap.

Second is a featurette. These can border on the goofy side, but we get our first look of General Hux. Some say he’s ordering the Starkiller base to fire. Instead, it looks like a First Order Star Destroyer. Could this be the point Finn is escaping in a TIE?

star wars the force awakens new trailers

Maybe, but here’s hoping for an epic space battle.

How about the best for last? Another TV spot, this features Rey and Finn aboard the Millennium Falcon. What have we’ve been missing from all the Falcon footage so far? Oh right, the turrets.

We get a quick glimpse of Finn manning one of the Falcon’s turrets.

Don’t get cocky kid. Han might be old, but he still knows a few maneuvers.

Need More Star Wars?

You may have missed the EW interview JJ Abrams gave last week in which he talked about the Starkiller base.

“It is very much–and it’s acknowledged as such in the movie–apparently another Death Star,” he said. “But what it’s capable of, how it works, and what the threat is, is far greater than what the Death Star could have done. Starkiller Base is another step forward, technologically speaking, in terms of power.”

That’s no planet… Well, technically it is. With a weapon capable of destroying entire systems. And evidently massive weapon systems come standard with a trench. That story was true too fellas. All of it.

Can December 18 hurry the hell up?


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