It might be a trek to get there, but that’s part of the adventure. The views are iconic. The pictures will make everyone on social media like (hate?) you. And you can spend the night in a tiny alpine cabin made from wood, metal and a ton of glass.

Thermally insulated glass. You are 6,742 feet above sea level.

starlight room glass cabin Italy Dolomite region

How the cabin is positioned is half the fun. It is mounted on skis and towed by snowmobile to the Falzarego Ridge, which offers up some of the best views of the Dolomite mountain range.

Starlight Room

Prepare to get cozy. It sleeps two and includes a flatscreen TV. Really? Don’t book this place to turn on Netflix. I promise Netflix will still exist when you head home.

Outside of the bed for two, there’s not much else other than an adjustable heater.

At 300 euros per night, the Starlight Room offers up views and a spot to sleep under the stars. It’s essentially glamping, but who can argue with a cabin towed by a snowmobile?

Starlight room alpine cabin

Dinner and a light breakfast are included in a stay. You’ll eat better than any hotel room service in the states. Somehow, dinner works out to this:

Appetizer: puff pastry of vegetables with olive paste on lettuce mirror and mascarpone First: Taglioni with pesto zucchini, confit tomatoes and pine nuts, artichoke ravioli with velvety to mountain cheeses and crispy bacon. Second: pork tenderloin poached bacon and mushroom sauce with new bridge potatoes and grilled vegetables. Dessert: warm chocolate heart cake with vanilla sauce Wine: Cabernet.

Maybe Bernie is right. We should be more like Europe. That’s a dinner menu for a tiny cabin hauled up a ridge via snowmobile. My home? Hmm, Applebee’s or Chili’s? Fantastic…

If the dinner menu isn’t enough to sell you, the pictures should. That’s near zero light pollution. Perfect for astrophotography. Using the Dolomite range as your backdrop is close to perfection.

starlight room glass cabin

The Starlight Room is located a few kilometers from the town of Cortina in northern Italy. Its positioning offers views of the Tofane, Cortina basin and Lagazuoi Mountain.

For more information and booking information, head over to Cortina’s Dolomite site.

Image Credits: Giacomo Pompanin

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