No wishing upon a star for a router that is usable. Great looks? Check. Touchscreen? What madness is this? Glance at your router right now. For those unlucky enough to have it in your room, take the small towel off of it.

What? The blinking lights are damn annoying. Starry is the router you’ve always dreamed of. No more sitting on the phone with Comcast to troubleshoot the problem. I wouldn’t have committed customer service seppuku if I hadn’t already unplugged and cycled it.

Meet Starry

Shipping in March, Starry replaces the blinking lights with an approachable touchscreen. Steal a glance and you instantly know the health of your Wi-Fi. No more counting down the blinking lights to see if Netflix is being a pain the ass or your Internet is out.

Its touchscreen instantly gives you an overall health score of your service and devices. Want a little more data? Walk up to a Starry Station and the display switches to what the company calls its interactive mode.

Say goodbye to speedtest.net with the router’s frequent speed tests. The latest is displayed on the screen, and you’ll know if you’re getting the speed you’re paying for. Prepare to be disappointed.

For the gamers out there, the upload speeds are displayed so you know if network congestion is getting the better of your multiplayer session.

In addition to the health score and speed, you can discover just how many connected devices you have. I started counting mine and stopped. No need in going further when I know I have a problem.

[divider]Data Cap Savior?[/divider]

Want to know what’s pulling bandwidth? Starry’s device list will also pinpoint the data hog in the house. Someone binging Netflix on an iPad? You’ll know with a glance without trying to figure out how you chewed through 600GB of data in a month.

Starry Station

We may have gone a bit extreme on Steam sales one month. Don’t judge.

Starry ScreenTime

For those with kids, the ScreenTime feature will be a major selling point. Online access can be restricted via network level parental controls to specific devices. Presets include school nights and weekends to help you balance your kid’s time in front of a screen.

Starry may want to look into making this setting available to lockout us adults. Force us outside or even read a book. Ah, what am I thinking? Let us have our addiction…

The controls can be controlled at the station or via the Starry app.

Wi-Fi Name and Password

Quick, tell me your Wi-Fi network’s name. You left it as the stock ‘router brand-home-whatever number combination’ didn’t you? Me too. Password? Quit using password as a password.

Both the network name and password are displayed on the touchscreen. Perfect for visiting family.


A Starry Station is priced at $349.99 and ships in March. It supports all current devices and technology, including PCs, Macs, 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Limited pre-orders are available today.

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