Valve’s latest major Steam update also included a music player. Steam Music was released to little fanfare yesterday. Valve is jumpstarting the service by giving soundtracks to its games for free, if you already own them.

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Accessing Steam Music is simple. Get the latest update, then head over to the Library tab and click on Music. You can also use your own personal MP3 collection as well.

The feature set on Steam Music is a bit light, but you can adjust a few options in the Steam Settings menu. These include adjusting volume and when you want it pause (when starting an application or voice chat are the options currently). Right now, there’s no option to use Steam Music over in-game music. You’ll have to turn down in-game music automatically.

Will Steam Music replace Spotify or whatever music player you use? Nope. But, I would imagine Valve will fine tune it in the coming months. Adding a feature to play over in-game music would be a big step in the right direction.


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