We all know Bill Maher’s schtick. Pot and hates religion. Well, he met his match last night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Talk about death by 1,000 smiles.

I remember and loved Stephen Colbert’s hyper-conservative character on Comedy Central. It was taking the best (worst?) of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News and tossing them into a blender.

Bill Maher? Imagine Stephen Colbert’s character and think liberal. Change a few words around and there’s not much difference. Probably change out pot references for President Obama and you have a close match.

Last night was one hell of a contrast. Bill Maher takes his jabs at Colbert’s religion, and Colbert defends himself in a way no other person has in the face of Maher’s animosity towards religion.

Colbert’s response to being accused of believing in myths and stories from the Bronze Age? His religion teaches him humility in the face of those kinds of attacks.


One of the better interviews from Colbert in his short tenure as host of The Late Show. It’s definitely worth a watch.


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