Still using AOL? I remember getting the free AOL CDs back in the dial-up days. Anyways, AOL is asking its users to change passwords after the company discovered a breach. About 2% of AOL users were affected according to AOL.

Should you be worried? Yep. AOL said unauthorized access to AOL users’ email addresses, postal addresses, address book contact information, encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions.

AOL is recommending all users change their passwords and security questions. Also, if you re-used your AOL passwords somewhere else, you should change those passwords as well.

How was the breach discovered? Turns out it was AOL members who first tipped the company off. The company began receiving a deluge of complaints about spoofed emails appearing to come from AOL users. AOL then made changes to its DMARC servers so other email providers would reject emails coming from non-AOL servers.

AOL is working with law enforcement to figure out who was behind the breach. Don’t expect a resolution to the investigation anytime soon. Many of these breaches go unsolved.

So, change your password from ‘password’ to something a bit tougher. Also, why are you still using AOL email? I think it’s time to move on.


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