Intense competition in online storage is leading to good prices for consumers. How does 1 terabyte of space for $10/month sound? That’s what Dropbox is offering today under its Pro plan.

Before today’s announcement, $10 would only get you 100 GB. 500 GB would set you back $50/month.

Dropbox didn’t want to drop prices, but pressure from tech giants including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple gave the company little choice. For example, Amazon cut the price its cloud storage to $0.03 per GB per month back in March. That was in response to Google’s price cut of its 1TB plan to $9.99 from $49.99 a month.

Besides cutting its price to match up closer with competitors, Dropbox is offering some additional features for sharing. These include passwords for shared links and view-only permissions for shared folders.

Oh, and if you lose a device or if it’s stolen, you can now remotely wipe that device to keep your data safe.

The battle for your data has been fantastic for consumers. The big players in storage are offering tons of storage for cheap. Granted, most people won’t need this kind of storage. Dropbox’s Pro plan is mainly aimed at freelancers and other workers who need more than the basic 2GB plan. But, if you are in the need for a 1TB plan, there’s tons of options out there ranging from Google to Dropbox.


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