Tired of plugging in your iPhone every couple of hours for it to charge? An Israeli startup has you covered. They won’t make the battery last longer, but they claim to reduce the recharge time to just 30 seconds.

StoreDot, the company behind the new battery, produces nanodots, chemically synthesised organic peptide molecules. Say what? Basically, they improve a battery’s charge time.

“In essence, we have developed a new generation of electrodes with new materials – we call it MFE – Multi Function Electrode,” StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf told ‘Gizmag’.

“On one side it acts like a supercapacitor (with very fast charging), and on the other is like a lithium electrode (with slow discharge). The electrolyte is modified with our nanodots in order to make the multifunction electrode more effective,” Myersdorf said.

StoreDot touts its nanodots as environmentally friendly. Most nanodot and quantum dot technology tends to be heavy metal based and toxic.

Myersdorf is looking past just smartphone batteries and says the tech could be used for electric cars.

So, when can we expect 30-second charge times for our smartphones. Myersdorf told the BBC, “We think we can integrate a battery into a smartphone within a year and have a commercially ready device in three years,”

By then our smartphones will be the size of tablets, if current trends continue.


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