Storm Chaser Captures Mesmerizing Tornado Drone Footage

tornado drone footage

Need your daily dose of inspiring camera drone footage? Brandon Clement, a storm chaser with WxChasing, perfectly captured a tornado in Sulphur, OK with his drone. Thankfully the touchdown was in a rural area.

Sit back and enjoy a four-minute video of him tracking the storm until it finally dissipates. If you’re lucky to have a 4K screen, fire it up.

Yeah, that’s damn epic. And you can tell Brandon does this for a living with WxChasing and as a correspondent for Weather Nation TV. He knew exactly where to place the drone for close up shots while avoiding the wind field. Throughout the video, you get to see a tornado as few had before.

When it reaches the river, the twister runs out of steam and dissipates. Hell of a shot Brandon.

tornado drone footage
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