A local FPV drone pilot has perhaps the most stunning view of the Hong Kong protests during June. The pilot takes us on an aerial tour of the immense demonstrations, estimated at over one million people. During the video, there are overlays about the reasons for the protests, but here’s the quick and straightforward. Citizens of Hong Kong were protesting a highly controversial law which would allow local residents to be extradited to the mainland. 

If you think that’s way too fast and agile for your average DJI drone, you’d be correct. The YouTube channel, Team BlackSheep is behind the video and also a storefront for micro FPV drones. In this case, the microdrone was modified to mount a GoPro. Obviously, there’s enough stabilization work at play to make even the GoPro marketing team blush. 

micro drone hong kon protests
Photo Credit: Team BlackSheep

It makes for a stunning perspective we don’t often get to see in large protests. Most are on the ground or a few aerial shots from helicopters. Here, you can feel the protest thanks to some skilled piloting. Standard disclaimer applies here. The flight isn’t something you shouldn’t try at home. However, it’s visuals like these which can change the course of political discourse.

Here, the protest succeeded in pushing the local government to withdraw support for the law. While the video doesn’t show it, Amnesty International has already compiled a report detailing the excessive use of force against the peaceful protests. The situation on the ground in Hong Kong remains tense as residents fear mainland China will continue to chip away at the legal system leftover from when it was a British colony. 

Team BlackSheep stepped into the political fray for this video, but its channel is filled with incredible FPV drone footage from around the world. It makes you look at camera drones in a whole new light.

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