Adam Levine had quite a day while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel. While outside the studio, he was hit with powdered sugar while signing autographs. Judging by the images posted on Instagram, he looks pretty pissed.

Who wouldn’t be? Just standing there doing your thing, and some asshole nails you with powdered sugar. Maybe it was a superfan taking Maroon 5’s song ‘Sugar’ a bit too literal.

Kristal Klune captured the attack and posted the photos to Instagram:


Unbelievable #jimmykimmel #jimmykimmellive #ADAMLEVINE #MAROON5 #tmz

A photo posted by Kristal Klune💋 (@kristal_klune) on


The person was detained by security and later arrested on battery charges.

I’m sure his sweater made it through the attack with a quick a trip to the dry cleaners.

adam levine sugar attack

Adam Levine on Velociraptors

If a sugar attack wasn’t bizarre enough, how about an argument of whether velociraptors can break a double-paned glass window? That’s what Levine and his bandmates have been arguing about for years.

Maybe they can ask Chris Pratt to settle it. I’m sure he can wrangle a few up to test it. For science.


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