Sorry everyone. Not all new tech is about working smarter not harder. SuitX’s new modular exoskeleton is all about having you work longer without the risks posed by overexertion.

Today, the company announced the official launch of MAX. It’s a flexible exoskeleton with applications across a wide range of tasks. The coolest part? It’s modular. The MAX system is made up of three exoskeleton modules – backX, shoulderX and legX. They can be used in tandem or independently.

The entire system is all about supporting strenuous, repetitive activities throughout the day. Bending, squatting, lifting, you name it. MAX promises to provide support.

SuitX MAX isn’t about turning you into Iron Man. SuitX CEO Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni wanted to create a system that could help eliminate or reduce workplace injuries.

We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter how heavy the object is. When you’re tired, the risk of injury goes up. Tweaking your pack can put you out of work for several days. Or worse, bearing through it for weeks.


“We have created responsive and affordable technologies to augment workers’ strength while leaving the worker in control of the operation. MAX is designed to support workers during the repetitive tasks that most frequently cause injury. It’s not only lifting 75 pounds that can hurt your back; it is also lifting 20 pounds repeatedly throughout the day that will lead to injury,” said Kazerooni.

Kazerooni hopes his company’s exoskeleton tech will become the “gold-standard” in dropping the risk of job injuries and assisting everyday people during their long days at work.

Enough talk, let’s see this sucker in action.

First up, a lady lifting fifty pounds wearing backX for the first time.

SuitX also made separate videos for all three modules.




How well does this really work? The first video is impressive, and research backs up the results according to suitX. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley showed an average 60% drop in muscle activity in the lower back for backX users.

Another hallmark of the suitX MAX system we see in the videos above is it doesn’t get in the way.

You might be wondering how much these things weigh, though. LegX weighs 9.1 pounds, but you won’t bear it. BackX’s weight ranges between 4.5 pounds and 7.1 pounds depending on the model. And shoulderX weighs 12.4 pounds with both arms attached.

I love this kind of tech. It’s not about turning us into Iron Man. It’s about using technology to help us during everyday work. I’m sure we’ll get to Iron Man one day, but most people will appreciate not having a sore back when they head home after working all day.

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