#SupplyGate. iPhone 6 Plus Impacts iPad Pro Release Date
ipad pro

Apple finally confirmed what we all knew was coming down the pipe. The iPad event for October 16 is on, and the company is expected to launch a new lineup of iPads and Macs. Apple is dealing with unprecedented demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, which is now threatening the release date of the enterprise iPad.

Nicknamed the iPad Pro – please for the love of God don’t call it Plus – the device is rumored to have a 12.9 inch screen, and the company is partnering with IBM to offer it up to enterprise customers. If I keep repeating detachable keyboard, I wonder if that will make it so. So long Microsoft Surface. We hardly knew you.

If you are among the millions still waiting on your iPhone 6 Plus, you are the reason why the release date for the larger iPad may slip from December until sometime early next year. Sounds like the Apple Watch release date window. Early 2015, but don’t ask for an exact date.

Suppliers are far behind on iPhone 6 Plus orders, with demand far outstripping the capacity of the factories churning them out. A WSJ article points to this as the reason behind Apple probably pushing back the release. That may upset some fans, but at least we get as close to a confirmation as we can on the larger iPad.

Not everything will be delayed. The iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 are expected to make an appearance. With the iPhone 6 Plus flying off shelves, Apple is going to have some convincing to do on the Mini front. It will have to be more than colors to choose from. I’m not sure an incremental performance boost is enough for the 6 Plus not to cannibalize the sales.

Still, the iPad Mini 3 is expected to get top billing at the event. With a 7.9 inch screen, Apple will try to make the argument the iPhone 6 Plus is a complement to the Mini, not a competitor.

Also expected to be announced at the event is a 5K resolution iMac. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m already making room under the Christmas tree for this. You just thought HD looked good. Now how about a 4K Macbook Pro? A man can dream.

We will keep you updated on any additional confirmation of the iPad Pro delay.

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