I know what I’ll be doing later. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition gets updated to 2.1.0 today on PS4. No word on the Xbox One version just yet, but I assume it’s either today, or over the next couple of days.

What does 2.1.0 Bring to the Ultimate Evil Edition?

Those Treasure Goblins now offer something a bit more special. When you kill one, there’s a chance a portal spawns. Inside is ‘The Vault.’ New treasures and a new boss, the Baroness Greed, await those who find the portal. The Playstation Blog post does note that portals to The Vault are only available in Adventure Mode, and will not spawn inside Nephalem and Greater Rifts.

Inside Nephalem and Greater Rifts is a new environment called The Cesspools.

Greater Rifts are the highlight for Patch 2.1.0. These rifts are special, timed versions of Nephalem Rifts. Completing Greater Rifts nets you the choice of two rewards. A chance at upgrading your Legendary Gems, or moving on to the next Greater Rift level. You can keep going through the infinite number of Greater Rift levels if you can complete the current level in the allotted time.

Legendary Gems are a new drop from Greater Rifts and The Vault. These gems can be socketed into your rings and amulets and offer new, powerful abilities.

One notable absence in today’s announcement is Seasons. Looks like us console players will have to wait a bit longer for those.

I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting the turn around on patches for the console version to happen so quickly. Now, get that Xbox One patch out today also.


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