YouTuber Joey Helms put together one hell of a drone video showing off the ongoing eruption at Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano. The volcano has been spewing fresh lava since mid-March and has become quite a tourist attraction. Photographers and drone pilots are also taking advantage to grab some stunning footage. Helms put together a four-minute video that looks like a deleted scene from Interstellar. 

Helms captured the footage using DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro and FPV drones. Yeah, I would be a little nervous taking my Mavic 2 Pro that close, but hey, you gotta risk it for these kinds of shots. 

But there are limits to what a DJI FPV drone can take. Flying FPV drones is a lot trickier than a regular drone, even with all the DJI safety features. Last week, Helms took a DJI FPV drone a little too close to an exploding lava fountain. But thanks to the googles recording the footage, we get to see the exact moment the video signal goes out, along with the drone. 

That’s one badass $1300 mishap. 

If you can’t get enough of these drone videos, here’s another one from Daniel Haussman.

Haussman used all the best drones DJI has to offer to capture this footage. But they didn’t all make it. A DJI Mavic Air 2 was lost, a Mavic 2 Pro got a little toasty on the bottom, and his DJI FPV managed to survive on what he calls “pure luck.”

And here’s one more video from Shuttermonkeys. 

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