Craving a donut, but your calorie tracking app is screaming at you to avoid any and all things Krispy Kreme? A Melbourne-based Vegan Instagrammer has the answer for you.

Meet the Sushi Donut. Before you raise your dozen glazed donuts in protest, enjoy the incredible presentation So Beautifully Raw has created. Yeah, she is one hell of a food photographer. A sushi donut actually looks appealing.

Want to try it at home? The process is fairly straightforward. You know the donut mold you bought on a whim and never use? It finally gets to emerge from the cabinet. Using cooled sushi rice and the mold, anyone can quickly form a donut. Toss on your favorite sushi ingredients as toppings and that’s it.

Sushi donut from so beautifully raw

In the photo montage, she used black sesame, ginger, wasabi, avocado and cashew mayo as toppings.

Enjoy a genuinely healthy donut. It won’t replace the absurdity of various donut shops around the world – there’s obviously a market for pastries topped with fruit loops. The sushi donut fills that void of wanting donuts for dinner, but knowing eating Krispy Kreme as a meal is absurd.

Still, some glazed donut holes? That’s hard to pass up, and So Beautifully Raw agrees with me in spirit. Her Instagram feed is everything vegan and will make you hungry. If you haven’t had lunch yet, feel free to hate me.

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