A Swamp, A Sim, A Typical Map – Titanfall Expedition DLC Review

Respawn has released the first of three planned map packs. Is the Expedition Map Pack worth 10 bucks? Read on to find out.

What’s Good

Swamplands – Not the friendliest map for pilots, but those who master the art of wall-running will be rewarded. Swamplands is the freshest of the three maps. Aesthetically, it looks like nothing else in Titanfall.

Swamplands also plays a bit differently than most Titanfall maps. It’s a flat map, but the trees scattered throughout do make getting around easy for those comfortable with wall-running. The scattering of trees also impacts Titan combat.

Initial combat will funnel towards the middle. But, like other maps – watch your flank. A few well-timed cluster missiles and electric smoke will make short work of any Titans caught in the middle.

While generally flat, there is one feature that will give pilots a good vantage point. A fallen log extends well into the sky. A good sniper position, or a jump point for pilots looking to rodeo a Titan.

Wargames – Take 3 or 4 of Titanfall’s maps. Smash them together and throw them in a simulator. That’s Wargames. Data walls make getting around this huge map a breeze.

Wargames also offers something a bit different from your typical Titanfall map. Every other Titanfall map starts with you exiting a drop ship. Wargames starts off with you entering a simulator. A voice warns you that the visual artifacts will appear inside the simulator. This takes the form of players disappearing into thin air when killed.

Pilots and Titans aren’t your only worry in Wargames. A massive hole in the middle of the map will swallow those not paying attention. The manual ejection button was handy after dashing into it by accident. The hole is small too, so you can wall run in a circle to get out of it.

Wargames was my favorite of the three. The mash-up of Titanfall maps gives plenty of room for both Pilots and Titans.

Runoff – Some will criticize Runoff as offering nothing new to Titanfall. It certainly doesn’t visually. It uses the same industrial template that most of Titanfall’s maps use. But, it’s the best designed of the three around Titanfall’s strength. Mobility.

You’ll have no problems wall-running across the tiered map. The map is broken into two distinct parts. A series of industrial buildings and a sewer below them.

Titan battles quickly become a game of cat and mouse as players can dive into the sewers. Following them brings its own challenges. Should you get flanked, you’ll be easy pickings for enemy Titans. A vortex shield or shield barrier are must haves for those venturing through the sewers.

Gameplay – Titanfall’s biggest strength has always been its fast paced gameplay. That doesn’t change with these three new maps. Those on the move will dominate. Camp and get left behind.

Shaking My Head

Game Modes – One of Titanfall’s biggest weaknesses continue with the new DLC. Titanfall is in desperate need of original game modes. Attrition is fun, but gets stale very quickly. Variety pack is Titanfall’s saving grace. I can’t play one game mode without getting bored quickly. Expect for Capture the Flag.

A full group playing Capture the Flag will lead to some of the most fun you’ll have playing a game this year. (Note: A recent patch has disabled flag carriers from getting into their Titans.)

Technical issues – Framerate problems persist with the Expedition DLC. I experienced a handful of substantial framerate dips while playing. They don’t happen often, but are jarring when they do.

Who is This For?

Do you like Titanfall? Pick it up. (easy, I know)

Do the lack of game modes push you away? Skip it

Took a break to play some other games? Pick it up. These three maps build on Titanfall’s strengths.

I’m a Titanfall fan. Does it stumble? Yep, but at the end of the day gameplay trumps all. Titanfall does enough things right to keep me coming back for more. And, so do these maps.

Titanfall expedition pack