You have to choose. The mountain vistas of a Switzerland mountain coaster, or the amazing(?) views of your local theme park?

Wow, tough call…

I’ll choose Switzerland every single time. Apologies Six Flags. YouTuber Brice Milleson proves he’s having a lot more fun at life than I am in his video flying down a mountain.

Posted in 2015, the video shows the gorgeous views near Kandersteg, Switzerland. If you’re looking for the next item to add to your bucket list, it’s the Oeschinensee toboggan run.

It goes without saying, you need to wait until the summer for a run down the Oeschinensee. Once summer hits, you can opt for the 25-minute walk to the lake or head for the taxi service.

You’re in Switzerland. Don’t head for the taxi service. Enjoy the views and walk. You’ll be sitting enough on the plane ride back home.


Price? 18.00 CHF for a toboggan run. Have to love currency parity. Today, the 18 Swiss Francs works out to $18 USD.

Oeschinensee Lake

Set 2.5 miles east of Kandersteg, Switzerland, the lake is nearly a mile above sea level. It’s not only the toboggan run that entices visitors. Look at the pictures. Give me a tent and I’ll stay there permanently.

During the summer, it plays host to rowing trips, and the adventurous crowd can take mountain bikes down to Kandersteg.

Food? Don’t stress. The mountain station is host to Bergstübli, which fills with the crowds during the summer. How many restaurants have this view?

switzerland mountain coaster restaurant

Need a spot to stay? The Hotel-Restaurant Oeschinensee earns top billing on Trip Advisor and other review sites. If you need a bit of snow in your life, it offers both sledding and ski passes.

Fishing? All year thanks to the ice fishing excursions out on the lake.

I’ll stick to the toboggan run with a GoPro attached. Be sure to check out more of Brice’s adventures on his YouTube channel.

Image Credits: Cristo Vlahos/Wikipedia

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