Blackberry needed something to galvanize its ever shrinking legion of users, and T-Mobile served it up with a ‘Switch to iPhone 5S’ campaign. The ad was immediately met with derision by T-Mobile Blackberry users, who thought that T-Mobile was abandoning support for the device maker. Blackberry CEO, John Chen, seized on the social media firestorm to fire off a blog post to vent his frustrations at T-Mobile. Never let press opportunities pass you by.

He was quick to voice his disappointment in the longstanding partnership his company has had with T-Mobile, and he lauded the efforts by customers who showed outrage over the campaign. He said that the customers’ actions sent a message that the company could not easily ignore. Chen also promised something special was brewing for Blackberry customers subscribed to the T-Mobile network.

With social media lighting up over the ad campaign, it forced T-Mobile CEO John Legre to back away from the ad in a tweet. “BlackBerry users, I’m hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back with you.”

Unfortunately for Blackberry, having a spat with a carrier does not equal a stock rally. The stock is shedding another 2% in early trading. Maybe instead of arguing over an ad campaign, the company should focus on putting out a product that would create a ‘Switch to a Blackberry’ campaign. That’s something investors could get behind.


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