For the love of all things mobile, revive the unlimited data plans. The patchwork bs of this doesn’t count and that doesn’t count against your mobile data is damn near as annoying as a Comcast data cap.

Looking at you T-Mobile. And the rest of wireless carriers.

I get it. T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, wants to be in the news on November 10 for its Uncarrier 10 announcement. Check us out – you can watch HBO and Netflix and not count against your data.

Ok, great. But, haven’t we heard it’s the video streaming services that were the reason behind the data caps in the first place? Now everything is cool?

How about an Uncomplicate 2015? Bring back a real unlimited option. If people want to watch Netflix’s catalog on their phone, they’ll pay for it. If they don’t, consumers have the capped tiers options. Problem solved.

T-Mobile can keep its dancing commercials, AT&T can have the one lady and Verizon can add a new clothing size to its data plans. Sprint? I’m not even sure what they are doing besides dropping calls.

t-mobile uncarrier 10

Uncarrier 10

T-Mobile has made a habit of irritating AT&T and Verizon. Expect that to ratchet up on November 10. Reports are the wireless carrier will one up its Music Freedom plan, which allows customers to stream music without counting against their data plan.

I guess this will be Movie Freedom? According to strong rumors, T-Mobile will allow customers to use high-speed data to watch video streaming services like Netflix and HBO. Other services are expected to be announced, so don’t be surprised to see all the big streamers represented.

A question that will need an answer? Is this 4G or do you have access to LTE? Some other rumors are that the companies will offer discounts to get you on board with the services.

Net Neutrality Issues?

With the Uncarrier 10 announcement comes rumblings the move could trigger regulatory scrutiny. Not exactly the words a public company wants to hear, but it raises a valid point.

If Netflix, HBO, etc. live on LTE for free, is it not the same as creating a two-tier Internet? The deeper the pockets, the more likely you’re on a wireless carrier’s stage announcing your service doesn’t count against a customer’s monthly data cap.

That’s complete speculation for now. While we know with decent certainty T-Mobile is announcing a ‘Movie Freedom’ option, the specifics are not there. Now, if November 10 comes and it looks like a two-tier system, it will be an interesting test case for the FCC’s net neutrality rules.

How would the FCC approach it? Consumers would still have the same plan. 4G and LTE speeds are not impacted inside their data caps. T-Mobile wouldn’t be creating a fast lane. Instead, it would be a feature of not counting bandwidth-heavy services against consumers.

It brings me back to the point above. Uncomplicate it all and bring back the unlimited option. Network can’t handle it? Well, the top 4 needed a new arms race. The incessant poaching customers from each other is grating at this point.

And who watches Netflix on their phone to an extent you blow up a data cap? It will still be there when you get home…

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