Yeah, I’m a sucker for awesome packaging. And yes, I realize I could build a similar spec’d PC for a fraction of what this will cost. But damn, it looks so awesome. Plus, does Alienware have a deal with Take-Two? Or did marketing Evolve just make sense with the evolution of PC design?

Lots of questions surrounding the new Alienware Area 51. Namely the price. It has the Alienware logo, so expect it to bust a few savings accounts. Ship date is October for the United States, with a global launch quickly following.

The new chassis is what is getting all the attention. Gone is the traditional box in favor of a triple-bay, hexagon frame. Someone at Alienware saw Apple’s reimagine Mac Pro cylinder and decided to raise them a hexagon.

Here’s Alienware’s description of the new rig. “It features an angled, easily accessible front I/O panel and hassle-free grips that make it simple to pivot your system forward to reach rear ports. Vast and open entryways on each side are designed to provide an easy way for you to perform upgrades, brainstorm new mods, or show off your rig.”

Right now you’re probably wondering system specs. It will run Haswell-E processors (either the six or eight-core variants). It will go all the way up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and will support three graphics cards. Power supply options go all the way to a 1.5 kilowatts to power this behemoth. Explaining the power bill to you parents or significant other is entirely on you.

Temperatures are taken care via internal fans, and what Alienware calls maximum air flow via the design. Liquid cooling will be an option, as well as overclocked processors. Expect the premium to be high on both those features.

Below is the teaser ad for the new system. It looks amazing. It is a shame the price won’t be just as amazing.


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