Portland-based Tanner Goods is entering into a new niche market. Drawing inspiration from the countless specialty coffee grinders on the market, they are releasing an herb grinder set. And by herb, we aren’t talking your spice rack. Though, it would make for an interesting meal around the holidays.

Marijuana legalization is enjoying a steady march towards legalization across the country, both recreational and medical. Where the tipping point is for federal action is anyone’s guess, but even Alabama has medical marijuana legislation on the books. It’s the south, people. We still have dry counties down here.

Tanner Goods is leaping into the world of polarized politics. But damn if they didn’t do it with gorgeous design. If it makes you feel better, put some parsley in it. Or be honest with yourself and use it how it was meant to be used. Storing the right kind of herbs.

tanner goods herb grinder

The set is retailing for $130, though you can grab the grinder for $90 and canister for $55. Before anyone opens up the calculator app on a smartphone, it’s cheaper to get the set. That new math…

Herb Grinder Set Specs

Hey, just because it’s storing your stash doesn’t mean it should be feature rich:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Delrin bushing prevents metal to metal contact
  • Laser Etched “Stay Green” graphic
  • Neodymium magnet allows canister & grinder to stack
  • Large pitch threads reduce cross threading

Anyone noticing the canister is large? Fellas, share the wealth. Yeah, technically not legal, but whatever. Two color options include matte aluminum or black. Both colors are spot on using the matte look. It’s striking but doesn’t overwhelm you. Kinda what you want in the ‘substance’ you’re storing.

Tanner Goods Feelin’ Real Good

You have to love Tanner’s marketing behind the new product direction:

Like a good cup of coffee, it all begins with a prime grind. And though we’re talking about an entirely different substance here, the end goal is pretty much the same…we’re just trying to catch a little feel good moment, right? Well, we can all learn a thing or two from the coffee industry when it comes to partaking in our favorite substances. Step one: Process the material. Step two: Craft the consumable. Step three: Enjoy your day.

tanner goods canister

The best part of waking up is never leaving the couch? Works for me. I haven’t finished Luke Cage or Stranger Things on Netflix. Don’t judge. We are living in peak entertainment.

The Herb Grinder and Cannister set is available now. If you live in legal states, you don’t have the ziplock bag excuse anymore. If you’re not in a legal recreational state, well, parsley won’t store itself….

Image credits: Tanner Goods

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