While Tanner Goods stepped out of its comfort zone with the Herb Collection, it’s right at home with its Pendleton Mills Collaboration. Never hurts to have both as cold winter days approach.

The Herb Collection was fun, but the Pendleton Mills partnership will bring you lasting memories. I know firsthand thanks to the collection of Native American-inspired blankets my family owns. Earliest memories of the blankets for me was living in Adak, AK. You need great blankets in a place known as the birthplace of the winds.

My parents have a collection of the blankets for each of us – Me, Alex and our brother, John. This was nearly two decades ago, and the blankets are as good as new. A great thing about Native American-inspired designs are the blankets never look dated.

Tanner goods blanket and pillow

Tanner Goods Partners With Pendleton Mills

Keeping the style Pendleton is known for, Tanner Goods enlisted illustrator Adam Garcia for a series of glyphs. The symbolism on the saddle blanket and pillow tell the story of Tanner through its history.

Tanner Goods Blanket

The set is manufactured exclusively in Pendleton, OR as a limited edition run. Tanner developed the jacquard fabric for the specifically for its partnership with Pendleton. The saddle blanket retails for $200, while the matching throw pillow retails for $100. If you’re near one of Tanner Goods three storefronts, you can drop in and see both.

Both are available online for those not on the west coast or know Tanner Goods + Pendleton Mills equals pure quality.

It may not have the humor of the well-designed herb collection, but the blankets will create lasting memories and can be passed from one generation to the next. And that’s priceless.

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