Facebook will soon let you opt out of these ads and give you more control over what you see.

Facebook, like pretty much every company these days, collects all kinds of info about its users and then uses that information to show targeted ads. ‘Like’ iPhones? you might start seeing more iPhone ads coming your way. It works like that for all kinds of products.

Today, Facebook gives you the ability to opt out of the targeted ad system through the Web browser or on your phone.

Good news for everyone who hates ads right? Nope.

The news comes as Facebook expands its advertising on Facebook.

“When we ask people about our ads, one of the top things they tell us is that they want to see ads that are more relevant to their interests. Today, we learn about your interests primarily from the things you do on Facebook, such as Pages you like. Starting soon in the US, we will also include information from some of the websites and apps you use,” wrote Facebook in a post.

As I said above, this advertising isn’t new. Facebook describes a situation in which you’re researching new TVs on the web, then Facebook may start showing you ads for different TVs.

Besides opting out of the program, Facebook will also offer ad preferences. This will give you more control over the type of ads you see. “If you’re not interested in electronics, you can remove electronics from your ad interests,” Facebook explains.

These features will hit the U.S. over the next few weeks. A global rollout is expected in the coming months.

Don’t think just because you opt-out of the program you will be seeing fewer ads. This is a public company were talking about. More ads equals more money. You just won’t see targeted ads.


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