It’s hard to say what sells you more on the Taurus 2X2 Motorcycle. Maybe it looks like a team of drunk Russians had grand designs for a cool dirt bike, managed to get the rough prototype done and promptly said ‘good enough?’

Or perhaps the awesome portability of the bike?


Yeah, they really put it into a Range Rover. It makes sense after a few shots of Vodka. Maybe.

Regardless, it’s awesome. The Mad Max prop is powered by a 210cc, 7-horsepower Honda GX-210. I know, it seems laughably underpowered. Until you realize the Taurus tips the scale at 196 pounds.

The light weight helps push the 2×2 to speeds of 22 mph. More than enough to have some fun weaving between the dense forests of Russia. Or your backyard. And if you hit a river that’s a bit too much to plow through? Those balloon tires serve a purpose by floating it on its side beside you as you cross. Why would that be necessary? Better to have it and not need it.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Russia, but the company has grand designs to start shipping in the United States soon. It’s so damn ugly it’s beautiful. You may scoff at it, but if it was in your muddy front yard? Oh hell yes…

Check out the video over on the company’s site. It checks out as rural Alabama transplanted to Russia.

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