Today begins two weeks of sports personalities going over every facet of Super Bowl 50. While most are waiting a little bit before offering predictions, Tecmo Bowl isn’t. The classic NES football game favors Carolina.

What the hell is going on? I asked myself the same question. The video above is using the Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 mod. It updates the game’s rosters, tweaks passing accuracy and a slew of other changes.

Here’s how Tecmo Bowl sees Super Bowl 50 playing out. Carolina put up the first points thanks to a 69-yard touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr. The Broncos are knocking on the next possession, but CJ Anderson coughs the ball up near the goal line. At halftime, it’s a snoozer with the Panthers winning 7-0.

Tecmo Bowl Carolina

In the second half, the Panthers add a field goal before the Broncos score a touchdown. Carolina adds one more touchdown to seal the deal at 17-7. Yep, Tecmo Bowl is calling for the Super Bowl to be dominated by defense. Check out these passing stats:

Manning: Comp % – 44, Yards – 104, INT – 1
Newton: Comp % – 45, Yards – 168, INT – 0

Tecmo Bowl is probably right about Super Bowl 50 being heavy on defense. Denver’s defense is #1 ranked overall while Carolina comes in at #6. Carolina’s offense is a lot more dynamic, though. Just look at the 49 points they scored against Arizona. Can Denver’s stout defense stop Carolina’s offense? That’s what ESPN will talk about non-stop for the next two weeks. With a healthy dose of Sports Science’s John Brenkus, I’m sure.

Should Denver fans be worried?

Nah. Last year, Tecmo Bowl correctly predicted the Patriots over the Seahawks. Hey, they even predicted the last play would be a pass.

Who can forget Richard Sherman’s reaction when Seattle opted to pass instead of run.


But, Tecmo Bowl was way off for Super Bowl 48. The Broncos were predicted to edge out the Seahawks in a shootout, 40-38. Instead, the Seahawks pummeled Denver 43-8.

It’s probably a good thing Tecmo Bowl isn’t predicting a Denver win for Super Bowl 50. Nobody wants to see Carolina do what Seattle did a couple of years ago. Ok, maybe Carolina fans – but most of us just want to see a competitive game.

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