Here’s a switch. Ted 2 actually looks better than the first. The Ted 2 Trailer has dropped today, and features him fighting for his human rights? Why? Because he’s having a baby.

How is is he going to have a baby? By using Mark Wahlberg as a sperm donor. Linking up with his human rights attorney (Amanda Seyfried) to fight ‘the man,’ Ted does battle with lawyers and United States government. Plenty of hijinks ensue, including him breaking into to some soul signing in the courtroom. If I had to guess, Seyfried’s appearance will be the love story of the fim.

Expect the advertising blitz to hit hard starting this weekend. Tom Brady will star in a commercial as a potential sperm donor. No word if the balls will be inflated for the teaser. The Seth McFarlane-directed sequel is set to hit theaters on June 26.

What do you think? Better than the first Ted or another skip?


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