Want the perfect cup of tea? The group behind Teforia wants to offer you cup after cup right in your home. Most of us own a Keurig or something similar. Now imagine you had a device that was dedicated to tea and absolutely gorgeous.

Teforia takes the art of tea and makes it smarter and user-friendly. The features are a laundry list of absolute control. Have your own tea recipe? Done. Need to control the amount of caffeine? You can program it based on your morning and evening preferences.

Protip? You want the caffeine levels decreased at night unless you enjoy the hell out of infomercials. According to the company, users have been able to reduce caffeine levels by 67%.

What about antioxidants? It doesn’t just taste great; tea has the health benefits to justify your multiple cups. Teforia reports users can increase the levels of Gallocatechin, a major antioxidant found in tea, by 133% using the infuser.

Best feature? It’s easy to use. One button push and you let the machine do the work. No babysitting the water or timing up how long the tea should steep. How? You know it’s coming with an app. Come on. It’s 2015. Both iOS and Android will be supported at launch.

Teforia Tea

The device is for the serious tea drinkers. Want a glass of sweet tea? Probably not the most efficient way of going about my favorite brown sugar water. Sorry, Lipton. It stops being tea after a certain amount of sugar…

No, it uses its proprietary Selective Infusion Process (SIP) to determine the best brewing method for each type of varietal. There has to be an over/under on the number of days (or cups of tea) it took to get the acronym SIP. Bonus points to the person that managed it.

Allen Han, CEO and founder, described how Teforia was born:

“On a trip to Asia three years ago, I had a cup of tea that changed my life and transported me back to my childhood. That discovery led me to realize how the $90 billion dollar global tea market largely consists of commercialized brewing methods and treatments. Most tea drinkers don’t know what they’re missing, so I wanted to create a way to perfect the process of brewing tea while honoring its tradition.”

The design was accomplished by pooling the talent of product designers who worked on the Xbox 360 and Kindle Fire. Microsoft should have kept the 360 team judging by their Teforia work and the aesthetics of the Xbox One.


The company is launching a special 500-unit limited release today. Each unit will ship when the Teforia goes on sale nationally in the Spring, but tea fans get one hell of a discount today.

Each of the limited release models will sell for $649, well off the $1299 expected MSRP. Want a look at Teforia’s private collection? The 500 units will come with 30 servings of loose-leaf tea from partners such as Samovar Tea Mighty Leaf Tea.

If you’re into personalization of your kitchen electronics, you can choose the serial number associated with your Teforia. You better move to snap up 007. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it…

teforia in the kitchen

I’ll keep you updated with news and any additional partners the company announces. Hopefully, we can get out to a tasting event or review it in-house closer to launch.

In the meantime, I’m expecting the call from my dad demanding more information immediately. And am I the only one that hopes they sell the bottles separately?

Well done design team. You know you did well when I keep watching tea brewing.

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