I’ll be the first to admit. Me and fishing? Not exactly something I’m jumping up and loading the truck for. Until one day I joined Alex and my dad testing out Tenkara rods. Maybe it calms the Internet ADD, or it’s just damn good to be out of the house. But fly fishing? Count me as a fan.

Except when that bass literally looked at me, then at the fly, back at me and swam off. Yeah, next time…

The one knock against fly fishing and Alabama is getting to your spot. Below is just one of the interesting hikes we had to go on. Considering this is the area I managed to earn a concussion from, it’s not on my bucket list to come back.

tenkara fly fishing alabama

How do you make fly fishing easier for the rough terrain? That’s where the Tenkara Rod Co. is stepping in. You know them from a previous Kickstarter campaign for its Sawtooth and Teton rods.

Today? It’s taking the size down even further with the Mini Sawtooth and Mini Teton. How small are we talking? It collapses down to just under 10 inches and weighs 1.1 ounces for the Mini Sawtooth, and Mini Teton tips the scales at 1.9 ounces. I’m not a camping expert, but I think you can find the room for that.


[divider]What Type of Fish?[/divider]

The Mini Sawtooth extends out to a nine-foot rod and is perfect for fish under 14 inches. Think your average mountain stream or hard to reach pools in the backcountry. For small to medium sized fish, grab the Mini Teton.

[divider]What is Tenkara?[/divider]

We all know the stereotypical fisherman. Geared up like the apocalypse has happened. Vest? Two is one. Rods? It’s the redneck version of shoe closet, except it is all transported to the river.

That’s the American way. Tenkara? It’s a traditional type of fly fishing practiced in Japan. It took until 1999 for it to jump the pond and make its way into the hearts of anglers everywhere.

The idea is that it puts the focus back on fishing, not 100 pounds of gear you managed to get down to your favorite spot. Tenkara has mainly been about mountain fly fishing, but your local streams will suit the technique just fine.

Tenkara Rod Co. Features

Obviously the selling point here is maximum portability. The first section of each rod is rubberized to prevent you from sending it on its way downstream. Hey, it happens. Everything is included in the package. Your choice of a rod, a protective sock and tube, line, line clips and a couple flies.

Tenkara Rod Co.

Everything comes with a lifetime warranty. Perfect for people like me. You know, the one that manages to get it stuck in a tree. How? Got me.

[divider]Tenkara Rod Co. Kickstarter[/divider]

The funding goal was set at $12,000. This morning, the Tenkara Rod Co. has raised nearly $58,000 with 34 days to go. That puts the end date of the Kickstarter campaign on November 5.

Shipping dates are set for December, making it one hell of a Christmas present. Pricing for a complete rod set is $185 for the Mini Sawtooth or $195 for the Mini Teton. Want both? Pledge $350 for one of each.

Take it from a guy that was not a fan of fishing. Maybe it’s the minimalist feel of not having to carry half a closet to go fishing, but there’s something calming about Tenkara. Hard to beat that when you want to escape for a day.

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