You thought seeing pictures with Instagram filters was annoying? Well, a pair of sunglasses brings the Instagram filters to real life. Tens’ sunglasses give you the Instagram view without the tech. All the Instagram fans are falling in love with Tens already. And, it shows with the funding.

Tens’ campaign began on May 7 with a goal of 9,400 British pounds. Right now, 61,971 British pounds have been raised.

Tens goal with its sunglasses brand is simple. “To make you day look ten times better.”

Tens’ debut frame style is “The Classic” and will be available for June delivery for around $60. The company notes that limited stock is available for June delivery. With the hugely successful funding, Tens will have a mad dash ahead of them to meet demand.

Tens first pair of sunglasses come in four colors: Black, Navy, Deep Red and Teal.

Want in on some Instagram sunglasses? Check out Tens’ Indiegogo page to contribute.

Check out Tens’ commercial below.

Man, I feel sorry for the guys at HDVision. They were the trailblazers. Get nostalgic with their commercial below.


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