Where’s Arnold going? Doesn’t matter, he’ll be back. The folks at Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def decided to have some fun with the Terminator’s catchphrase.

Leaving Sarah Connor to fend off the armies of Skynet, the Terminator decided to use his vacation days and hop on Skynet Airlines.

The video is either satire or some tongue-in-cheek stealth marketing. Arnold’s Terminator character says ‘I’ll be back’ at every turn. From the flight attendant to promising he’ll be back for next year’s surf competition.

Thankfully, it’s just over a minute long. The schtick of ‘I’ll be back’ wears thin quickly. You know who Paramount is hoping will be back on July 1? Audiences.

For three weeks, Jurassic World has reigned supreme at the box office. I thought Ted 2 would bring it down, but it pushed the bear out of the way. What about Terminator Genisys? Jurassic World gave us that bit of nostalgia we all crave. Can Arnold do the same?

Watching the trailers, I’m not convinced, and neither are the reviewers. Rewatching all the Genisys trailers, it just doesn’t have the same pull as T2. It could be the franchise is way past its expiration date.

Granted, I could be wrong. I went into seeing Jurassic World thinking no way this is going to be good. Instead, I walked out thinking it was the best pure entertainment movie I’ve seen all year.

Here’s hoping Arnold has one more mega hit left in him. If not, the franchise won’t be back.


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