Oregon Trailer isn’t content with your typical teardrop camping trailer. If you want to be in the outdoors, the company wants the trailer handling everything you put your SUV through. And then some.

Each TerraDrop borrows heavily from the company’s FronTear teardrop but adds serious off-road capability. A base model starts at $13,500, and buyers can customize it however they choose. Mild to wild.

Options range from the basic foldable cup holders to rooftop tent systems and kitchen packages. Yes, you can even upgrade the mattress to a custom pillow top made from bamboo memory foam. I think that’s more on the mild side of off-road camping trailers.

Terradrop exterior

A wild side option. The all-terrain tires are replaced with knobby off-road tires. Blaze your own trail or stick with the all-terrain that can handle most camping trips.

The company uses a build-to-order for the TerraDrop line, allowing you to add solar power, roof mounted showers and custom power solutions. Check out a tour of a TerraDrop below and head over to the company’s site for more.

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