Spike has a winner with Lip Sync Battle. Thursday’s episode saw Terry Crews and Mike Tyson facing off. To say Terry Crews is awesome is an understatement. His charisma easily matches The Rock.

If you’re a fan of terrible movies (don’t judge me), you may remember the instant classic, White Chicks. Don’t make the mistake of googling when it was released. You’ll feel old.

One of the best scenes is Terry Crews singing Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles.’ Jump to last night, and it’s the obvious song choice for Crews.

He started off seated at a piano, before ending up shirtless and twirling a ribbon. It sounds like a horrible nightmare, but this is pure genius. Of course, this wouldn’t be Terry Crews on-screen if he weren’t flexing his pecs. He timed it to the music for ‘A Thousand Miles.’

Mike Tyson finished the round performing Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It.’ He definitely gives it his all, but once you have Terry Crews shirtless with dancing pecs, the refs are calling it.

mike tyson and terry crews lip sync battle

Lip Sync Battle Renewed

Fans of the Spike TV show also got another gift this week. The network renewed the show for a 20-episode second season. Ratings for the show average in the three million range, easily eclipsing Spike’s record for original programming.

With the show based on Jimmy Fallon’s recurring contest on The Tonight Show, you have to wonder if Spike can keep it fresh? The jaded Internet user in me says no, but then you see the gems of Terry Crews dancing to Vanessa Carlton.

Just keep getting the nuttiest celebrity pairings possible. A request? Emma Stone and Stephen Merchant. They both killed it on the Tonight Show version.

Let them take their talents to Spike for a duel.


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