Well, we know who loved the Elon Musk’s tweet about the ‘D’. Wall Street. Investors were looking for any reason to jump back into Tesla stock, and shares are up over 3% in early morning trading.

The Internet and Wall Street were set ablaze when Musk tweeted out that it was about time to unveil the D and something else. The tweet came with a teaser of a new vehicle, something Wall Street and fans of Tesla loved. The rest of the Internet? Well, the standard rule that every anonymous Internet user has the personality of a teenager jacked on Mountain Dew held true.

Plenty of hilarious responses were to be had, and Musk embraced the humor, saying that the influx of messages had him laughing. He mentioned he was just glad he didn’t mention the other letter.

The image showed off the car’s headlights, prompting some to speculate on possible new features. Most of the comments centered around the unfortunate interpretation of Elon Musk’s choice of words.

Those of you waiting for the announcement, just hang on until October 9. That’s when the D is set to be revealed. Get your mind out the gutter. It’s Tesla’s new car. Who knows, we all might be able afford one.

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